2018 Entertainment Announced
January 16, 2018
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Adjudicating Panel Announced

It is with great pleasure we welcome the following Local, National and International Judging Panel to the Gold Coast Classic 2018:

Mary Barratt Thompson, New South Wales
Rebecca Beardsley, Queensland
Michael Bishop, Queensland
Joanne Boden, Queensland
Diane Clare, Queensland
Andrew Graham, Queensland
Ross Heidke, Queensland
Anthony Hurley, England
Grant Langley, Queensland
Bronwyn Molloy, Queensland
Kevin Morellini, Queensland
Carol Myers, Queensland
Natalie Perry, Queensland
Matthew Potter, New South Wales
Matt Rooke, Victoria
Glen Tierney, Western Australia
Mark Wilson, Queensland

Chairman of Adjudicators: Dallas Williams

We are also pleased to welcome:
Day Time Music by Riana Morellini
Evening Live Music by Seven Deadly Swings

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